[VIDEO] Throwback to when PM Imran Khan allegedly ate pizza dipped in coffee and the internet went crazy!

The internet went into frenzy!

On his journey to becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan was spotted dipping enjoying pizza and coffee, but bizarrely. The premier prefers eating his pizza dipped in coffee – literally:

Some may believe that it might have been the tension of the election cycle that made him incline towards weird combinations like this. However, others cannot even begin to wrap their heads around this crazy food combo, no matter what explanation is provided.

Initially, when the video started trending on social media, people had all sorts of doubts about the clip’s authenticity. Many expressed that maybe it was a fruitcake or a bagel that looked like a pizza,

Others went to crazy heights and argued that the man in the video is someone who only looks like Imran Khan.

However, all theories were busted when the video was verified. Imran Khan was indeed seen dipping a pizza into his coffee and liking it.

Here’s what people had to say afterward:

Some of Imran Khan’s followers still tried to make sense of his weird food cravings:

Some spoke the raw truth:

Regardless, who are we to judge. Almost all of us are in love with a particular quirky food pairing that others might deem unacceptable. With that being said, what is the craziest food combination you have tried … and loved?

What are your thoughts on this? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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