[VIDEO] Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘ignored’ by William and Kate at Commonwealth Day Service

The Commonwealth Day service was supposed to be a farewell to Harry and Meghan as they bid goodbye to their royal duties.

Attending their final events as a part of the Royal Family, Meghan Markle and Harry took part in the Commonwealth Day service at Westminister Abbey in London.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were also present at the event. However, tension could be felt between the two couples. The Sussex pair were also caught getting ignored by Kate and Prince William.

Although it is highly likely that the two exchanged smiles with Meghan as she waved at them but since their expressions can’t be seen, it is unclear whether or not they responded to her smile.

The Commonwealth Day Service was supposed to be a farewell to Harry and Meghan as they bid goodbye to their royal duties.

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  • Megan had that I WON look on her face in every photo. SHE NEVER MISSES A PHOTO-OP. Harry looked furious and VERY UNHAPPY.
    Can’t have it both ways. Who wears the “pants” in their family? Good luck to Harry AND GOODBYE TO MEGAN.

  • Everyone should just mind their own business and let the RF work out their Dynamics privately.

  • Can someone explain to me why everyone hate Meghan? No judgment on my part if you answer the question

    • Who’s everyone referring to? White Britain? Or Britian in general? The entire world? The U.S? It seems like America is the least likely of them to “hate her”. For the most part we have no huge problems with her/them, and wish them well in the bid of “living their best life”?‍♀️. So let’s go with the folks across the pond, they are a little to stuck in the old ways and days, they arent nearly as advanced in the way Americans are with the terms open minded, and acceptance, especially in the way of equality.

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