Video of Punjab College for Women students being harassed by men in broad day light goes viral [WATCH]

The student further shared that the guards of PCW2 and a male professor helped chase away the boys, but they still escaped.

Students of punjab college for women harassed by male students in public.

Are we safe at our educational institutions? A recent video shared by a student of the Punjab College for Women proves otherwise.

In the video, male students are seen trashing women’s college and harassing female students. No authority figures are present at the premises to stop the male students from terrorizing the female students.

Here is the video evidence of the horrendous incident shared by the student:

Sharing the video on Instagram, the student said:

AAOA I am a student of Punjab College for Women, and I am trying to raise awareness on a recurring problem faced by our female students in Gujranwala.

The student shared details of the problem and stated:

13 Mach, 2021 Saturday was the last college day before lockdown due to Coronavirus. On this day, at around 3:00 p.m (off timing), a group of about 80 to 100 male students from different boys campuses of PGC rallied on motorcycles outside all-girls campuses to terrorize the students.

The distressed student continued to share:

This is seen as normal behavior and is part of the “student culture”. Boys on motorcycles habitually follow buses and vans of female students. However, this time the boys went too far and still escaped without facing the consequences. They infiltrated the PCW2 building and the buses. They harassed the female students by trying to break the windows and climbed the roofs. Some of them brought guns and did aerial firing (ہوای فاٸرنگ). They put the lives of both students and civilians in danger.

The student further shared that the guards of PCW2 and a male professor helped chase away the boys, but they still escaped.

Concluding the statement, the student said:

In a country where a public marriage proposal results in student expulsion from the university, I expect the same amount of anger on this disgusting and intolerable behavior. Please help me share these videos and raise awareness on this issue. We are not safe at our educational institutions.

As soon as the video was posted on the social media platform, it went viral. The female students of Punjab College for women are hoping that the viral video starts a dialogue and wills the authority figures of the country to take corrective measures for the wellbeing of students.

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