[VIDEO] Alia Bhatt JUST complimented Pakistani rapper Muhammad Shah. Who is he?

The rapper IAmTheShah started creating viral content with a video about 'Rizwan Burger' and then went onto topics like 'boredom' and 'load shedding'.

Pakistani rapper Muhammad Shah went viral on social media for creating raps on celebrities.

Pakistani rapper Muhammad Shah has recently garnered major attention in-country and across borders. The musician gained thousands of followers overnight with one major marketing stunt – choosing the right celebrity to rap about.

The rapper IAmTheShah started creating viral content with a video about ‘Rizwan Burger’ and then went onto topics like ‘boredom’ and ‘load shedding’.

Here are some of the rapper’s videos:

However, the musician hit the social media jackpot when he started targeting celebrities for his rap videos under the series ‘What If’. Muhammad Shah first created a video on Hania Aamir.

It took two videos for the comedian-rapper to attract Hania Aamir’s attention. The actress offered to meet up by asking, “What are you doing on the 16th?” but that plan fell through.

The musician continued the series and created a new Hania Aamir video about the failed meet-up plan. Towards the end of the Hania Aamir rap series, the rapper’s friend pushes him to create a rap for the Bollywood diva Alia Bhatt.

Muhammad Shah moved onto Alia Bhatt and created a rap about wanting to know the Indian actress better. The Alia Bhatt tribute cleverly referred to many of the actress’s films, and the creativity caught her attention. Alia Bhatt reacted to the video with the comment ‘Bohut hard’.

Towards the end of his Alia Bhatt tribute, the rapper’s friend hinted at Muhammad Shah’s next play by saying:

Janhvi Kapoor ka pata hai?

Has the rapper IAmTheShah landed on his next muse already? Only time will tell which celebrity his new rap video targets.

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