VIDEO | Social Media Community Raises Voice Against Corporal Punishment In Pakistani Schools

The rise in the drop-out rate of students in schools is now a serious concern and a topic of discussion. Though there seem to be many factors that contribute to this, another factor can be the corporal punishments that students are a subject to in schools. Despite these corporal punishments are forbidden in some schools, but in the majority of schools, it still goes unnoticed and is practised every day.

What really sparked the discussion on corporal punishment is the video that Reham Khan uploaded on her Twitter account. In the video, a male teacher hits girls on their hands with a stick. He also says things like ”Are we your father’s servants?”. Though the reason behind such treachery is unknown, it is still inappropriate for a teacher to treat students like this whatever the reason may be.

Trigger Warning: Graphic Content

Social media community also reacted to the video, asking for punishment for the culprit.

Corporal punishment is a violation of human rights and a bill was passed against it back in 2014. This means that corporal punishment is punishable by law but the cases are rarely reported to authorities for them to take any action. Another reason why schools get away with corporal punishment is that students are reluctant to report such incidents to their parents.

A number of child rights and health organizations have been working against this cruel practice but are yet to create a noticeable impact. According to research, corporal punishments promote aggression, antisocial behaviour and low self-esteem in children. It also creates an unsuitable environment for the students to study in.
Now, it is not unknown that the drop-out rate has seen a drastic increase since the past few years. Almost 22.6 million children are out of schools and those that do come to school are given such a harsh treatment.

The government should take notice of this incident, as there are thousands more and worse happening all across the country. School teachers should be made to sign undertakings that prohibits them from indulging in any such activity. Mental harassment and physical abuse is a common practice that students become a victim of daily, but these students are the future of our country and for our country to prosper, it is unlikely and unsuitable for schools to create such a teaching environment.

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