Video | Rendition Of Bella Ciao By This Baloch Artist is Winning The Internet

Season 4 of the hit Netflix Spanish series, Money Heist, has been trending since its release.

Apart from the brilliant storyline, fans are also deeply in love with the Italian folk song, Bella Ciao, featured in Money Heist. The song has been watched and listened to over millions of times across different streaming platforms.

Furthermore, music enthusiasts are also coming up with their own renditions of the song. Recently, the rendition of Bella Ciao that has taken the internet by storm is straight from Balochistan.

A local Baloch artist, Khawand Bakhsh Bugti, is winning the internet with his rendition of Bella Ciao. He played the song with the Baloch music instrument Soroz.

Here’s How People Are Expressing Their Appreciation For the Baloch Artist:

Listen To Bella Ciao By Manu Pilas Here


Money Heist Season 4:

Money Heist season 4 ended on another high as it dethroned The Tiger King to become Netflix’s most viewed shown. The death of Nairobi has made things even more intense.

The Professor is in trouble for the first time as Police inspector Alicia Sierra finds his whereabouts. season 5 of Money Heist might be delayed as the coronavirus pandemic has brought everything to a standstill.


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