Video scandal: Inside story of an infamous person who filmed Judge Arshad Malik

  • Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik has been in Multan where he met a suspicious character.
  • Judge Arshad Malik was blackmailed several times for the video of a private function.
  • Mian Tahir filmed the accountability court judge in Multan.
  • Mian Tahir has filmed several others particularly from the judiciary; Shakeel Anjum.

Writer and Journalist Shakeel Anjum during Rauf Klasra’s show broke the story of why Judge Arshad Malik was gone to Multan and how his video was recorded there. The same person was first accompanying the ousted accountability judge for many days but later used his recorded videos against him, said Shakeel.

Shakeel Anjum said that the accountability court judge Arshad Malik arrived in Multan on June 28, 2019, and Mian Tariq is the main character who had the video recordings of Judge Arshad Malik for this the judge was being blackmailed by the Sharif family.

The same person wanted to sell the video by any means possible and for this purpose, he tried to deal with both leading opposition parties PPP and PML-N because many cases of big corruption scams are under trial within the jurisdiction of NAB Court no 2 for which the ousted judge was in charge.


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Several cases pertaining to the former three times prime minister of the country who is now serving his jail term and former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari are also under proceedings within the same court.

Story of Judge Arshad Malik’s Multan tour and his filming there

Both the accountability court judge and Mr.Tariq stayed in a room of guesthouse and room number 128-129 was hired in the name of the driver of Arshad Malik.

They used the identity of driver Aqeel Wazir. The same day judge met with several people and traveled to Lahore the same night where Arshad Malik along with others who accompanied him from the resthouse attended a meeting in PC where former Governor Latif Khosa also reportedly met them.

The judge claimed that he’s been blackmailed several times for his immoral video that was recorded during a private function in the year 2003, added Shakeel Anjum.

Another resource revealed that the judge was called upon in Multan because the people who were to conclude a deal with PML-N for this leaked video wanted confirmation as to the video originally belonged to Judge Arshad Malik or not, said Shakeel while further explaining the purpose of judge’s recent tour to Multan.

Who is Mian Tariq?

Mian Tariq, added Shakeel Anjum, is a person of infamous repute and has videos of many other persons particularly from the judiciary in his telephone recordings. This person enhanced relationships with the members of the judiciary when he was following a case of narcotics smuggling back in 2001.

The brother of Mian Tariq, Mian Idrees along with many others were arrested during an attempt to smuggle the tonnes of addicted drugs and the smuggling attempt was thwarted by Anti-Narcotics Force.

Besides these reports photos, videos of the accountability court’s judge who was hearing the proceedings of several high profile cases with the person of infamous repute Mian Tariq put serious questions on the conduct of the judge.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan also gave his remarks during today’s hearing regarding the petitions of the same video scandal and said that we also need to look into the judge’s misconduct and also that where we can interfere.

There was no ultimate decision as to the aspects of the case and the case was adjourned till July 23.  The three-member bench of the Supreme court has asked the attorney general to submit his recommendations regarding the leaked video controversy case.

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