Video: Shoaib Akhtar and Wasim Akram Hit Out At Each Other

The two former cricketers have indulged in a war of words.

Shoaib Aktar and Wasim during the 1999 World CupWasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar have indulged in a war of words after the latter’s recent interview. It seems Shoaib Akhtar has had enough of Wasim Akram portraying him as the bad guy.

You might have come across videos of Wasim Akram narrating some hilarious moments from his playing days. One such incident, which he narrates often, involves the world’s fastest bowler.

The legendary left-arm bowler often narrates the incident when he caught Shoaib Akhtar at a club in India. Few years back, during a show on Geo News, the two former cricketers shared a laugh over this particular incident.

Watch The Video:

Shoaib Akhtar Hits Out At Wasim Akram:

During an interview with Ary News, Akhtar expressed his displeasure over Wasim Akram continuously narrating the ‘club incident’.

“I have heard Wasim Akram complain in interviews about how he caught me at a club. But can someone ask him if he ever – in 14 years – grabbed me by the ear and took me to the gym?”

He further said that he learnt all this from his seniors. According to Akhtar, if someone like Imran Khan was his senior, the story would have been different.

He [Wasim Akram] himself has spent his entire life at clubs. I used to get injections for my knee problem so couldn’t do that often. But if I went to the club once in a blue moon, what’s the big deal?,” Shoaib Akhtar concluded.


Wasim Akram isn’t holding back:

During an interview with Waseem Badami, Wasim Akram asked,”who takes Shoaib Akhtar seriously?”

The former captain was replying to Waseem Badami’s question about Shoaib Akhtar’s enthusiasm regarding the Chairman PCB’s slot.

“I don’t know why people take what Shoaib Akhtar says so seriously. If a person has no tameez he knows nothing about life,” Akram said.

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