VIDEO Shows How Pakistani Women Are Harassed On Roads Every Single Day

Pakistan is ranked among the worst countries to be born in as a woman – due to the social taboos that circle around them, gender-based violence, preference for boys, female infanticide and harassment.

While we talk about harassment, which we quite rarely do considering the social dynamics, we normally only consider the rape. However, the term harassment is far more vast and unfortunately preys on its victims in countless ways.
In Pakistan particularly, the most horrifying and common form of harassment is street harassment (or harassment on roads).

According to the leader of the NGO AASHA  (Alliance Against Sexual Harassment), 99% of women in Pakistan have faced one form of harassment or another at least once in their life. But if you travel by public transport, you may face it every single day. And it is an unfortunate truth. Every single woman has experienced some form of harassment on roads, whether it is cat-calling, unwanted physical contact or uncomfortable staring.  

To reveal the ugly yet the most commonly-accepted aspect of the harassment, Samaa News conducted a significant sting operation. During the social experiment, the renowned media person Kiran Naz stood on the busy road for some time to see what majority women face when they leave their homes for paying bills, seeking education or earn a livelihood.
Within a few minutes of standing as a lone woman on a road in Pakistan, Kiran faced offensive comments and offers from the men for lift. Everything was recorded on camera to reveal to the audience how miserably a woman has to suffer when she leaves her home and the daily struggle they have to put through.

It is very imperative to eliminate these hurdles that make women hesitant to leave their homes. Making up a significant part of our population, it is the need of the hour to involve them in the progress process.

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