[VIDEO] Sikh father-son duo saves lives of over 70 Muslims during Delhi riots

'The violence in Delhi reminded us of 1984’s anti-Sikh riots'.

During the violent riots in the Gokulpuri area in Delhi on the 24th of February 2020, Mohinder Singh and his son saved the lives of more than 70 people. The Sikh father, with his son’s help, transported Muslim families from the Gokulpuri market area to Kardampuri on two-wheelers.

‘‘My son and I shifted about 60 to 70 Muslims during the violence. I was on my scooter and my son was on his bullet. We made 20 rounds from Gokulpuri to Kardampuri area. They were afraid and seeing their fear we decided to shift them from here’’, said Mohinder.

He said that the violence in Delhi reminded him of 1984’s anti-Sikh riots, which he also witnessed.
Mohinder said that at the time, the Sikh community gave turbans to Muslim men with beards after rescuing the children and women from the affected area.

‘’We did this only for humanity, as we saw them as humans instead of just a person from another religion’’, he said.

During the upsetting Delhi fires, about 42 people have lost their lives so far while 20 have sustained injuries.

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