Video of a Sindh governor’s dog enjoying a ride on govt vehicle goes viral

An official land cruiser owned by the Sindh Governor, Imran Ismael, was spotted with a dog on board on the roads of Karachi. It angered the PPP Minister, Taimur Talpur, who was passing by. 

The PPP leader made a video of the German Shepherd enjoying the ride with the rear window open and savoring the pleasant breeze in its golden mane.

Talpur filmed the video and posted it on social media. In a telephonic interview with a local news channel, Talpur said, ” I am also a dog lover, but I have never taken my dog on a ride in an official car.”

He added, “People do not have enough to eat, and here is a dog enjoying a ride in an official car with police escort.”


Talpur said the PPP Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, also owned dogs but had never taken them on a joy ride with a police escort.

The Former Sindh governor and spokesman for the Pakistan Muslim League-N’s top leadership, Muhammad Zubair, also shared the video, criticizing the VIP protocol.

Muhammad Zubair tweeted, “Even the Governor’s dog is being given full protocol. The PTI has crossed all limits.” 

Public Response

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  • Whats wrong in it ? the guy made this video would have treated worse with his kaam kerney wali larki or chota larka …. even these people dont allow this class to sit in the same room where they are sitting .No need to label every move with Naia Pakistan or PTI .I think people forgot that food used to be import for Zardari’s horses

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