Video: Sonya Hussain Says She Doesn’t Know Faryal Mehmood But Here’s How She Made Fun Of Her in 2015

Sonya was quizzed about Faryal on Waseem Badami's show. She 'denied' knowing her.


Actress Sonya Hussain surprisingly was not aware of another actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry, Faryal Mehmood, when she was quizzed about her on Waseem Badami’s show.

Sonya Hussain recently appeared on Waseem Badami’s Show, Har Lamha Purjosh, where she was quizzed about different things including many renowned names of the Pakistani showbiz industry. When Waseem Badami asked her about Faryal Mehmood, Sonya Hussain was completely unaware of her presence in the industry.

Watch the Video Here: 

But here’s the fun fact. Back in 2015, when Faryal Mehmood was trying to make her mark in the showbiz industry, Sonya Hussain and director Sohail Javed made derogatory remarks about her physical appearance on social media.

It was the time when Faryal Mehmood’s drama serial, Bechaari, had just started airing on PTV. Sohail Javed went as far as making abusive comments about Faryal Mehmood on Sonya Hussain’s Facebook post, which was aimed at making fun of Faryal’s drama serial.

Faryal Mehmood then took to Facebook to call the two out for the use of derogatory language against her. The actress called Sohail Javed’s drama serial Farwa Ki ABC a complete flop.

“I understand all you need is a hit in your 50’s being divorced (I don’t know how many times) living alone and trying to get women half of your age,” Faryal Mehmood wrote. 

She also called Sonya Hussain “a sad version of Michael Jackson.

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