VIDEO | This Person Found The Family That Slept On Roadside And Changed Their Lives

A few days ago, a picture went viral where an underpriviledged family was sleeping on the roadside under the open sky. The pictures were shared by a journalist and sprung the Social Media community and also the government representatives into action.

Quickly after the photos made rounds on the internet, Dr. Shahbaz Gill, spokesperson of CM Punjab Usman Buzdar, asked for the whereabouts of the family. He also said that the PTI led Punjab Government is working on building five shelter homes in Lahore, that with serving the travellers also provide a place to sleep for the poor so that no one has to spend night outside in such a chilly weather.

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He also announced that the first shelter home will be completed within 60 days. But, there was one man who didn’t sit idle waiting for help but instead became one. Umer Hussain took to Facebook to announce that he has found the family (to our relief) but rather than just passing by, he spent time with them.

He felt incredibly happy in serving the little way he could and making such an impact on their lives. With the satisfaction it brought to Umer himself, his gesture brought warmth to out hearts and peace to our minds as well.

Umer took them out for a meal and got them new clothes. But, it wasn’t all. He knew he had to do more to improve the lives of these children. So, he took responsibility of education of the kids as well. Umer said that their father had promised that he wont take them out on the streets again. The heart-warming effort and the impact it had could be seen on their faces.

No denial, it is the state’s responsibility to provide maximum welfare of everyone of its citizen and assure that they at least have access to basic necessities. However, we cannot turn a blind eye to our own responsibilities as a part of the society. Umer is truly an inspiration for all of us in this regard.

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