[WATCH] This is the video which triggered the lawyers to attack Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC)

More than two hundred lawyers raided PIC - PIC preliminary report submitted to Chief Minister Punjab.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and CM Punjab Usman Buzdar took notice of the violent protest by lawyers at Lahore’s Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC), due to which four patients lost their lives.
Dr. Salman Haseeb, Grand Health Alliance Chairman, verified the number of deaths.

An investigation into the attack was ordered by the chief minister, and asked Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO), medical education and specialized health to submit a report. He also summoned a report from the provincial chief secretary and inspector general.

The lawyers were protesting against a video that went viral on social media, in which a doctor is narrating an encounter with some lawyers in front of a group.

As per the doctor in the video, a group of lawyers had gone to the inspector general and asked him to charge ‘two doctors’ under Section 7 of ATA. He said that the IG had refused while the lawyers had pressurized him to force charges, saying they could save face that way.

Here’s the video which triggered the lawyers to attack PIC:

A large number of lawyers got together outside PIC to protest against the video. But the protest got violent as lawyers initially closed entry and exit points to the hospital.

Equipment was also vandalized by the protesters, along with the windows of the cars. Doors were smashed of emergency theaters and staff had to run out to save themselves.

Patients, some of them in ambulances, were unable to reach the hospital while those receiving treatments were left unattended due to the security emergency.

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  • This was a ctimnal act by the lawyers. This should be investigated ,and they should be tried in the courts and punished..

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