[THROWBACK] Trump thought Nepal and Bhutan were in India, pronounced them as ‘nipple’ and ‘button’ instead

You might think that this is satire, but it is actually not!

  • The President of the United States had to be informed that Nepal and Bhutan are two independent countries.
  • He believed they were in India.
  • He  mispronounced them as ‘Nipple’ and ‘Button’ .
  • Twitterati is absolutely ‘shaken’ by the revelations.

You might think that this is satire, but it is actually not! The President of the United States Donald Trump thought that Nepal and Bhutan were in India.

Wait, it keeps getting better!

He also mispronounced them as ‘Nipple’ and ‘Button’. The revelations were made by a TIME magazine correspondent John Walcott in his piece .

~ Here is a passage of interest:

“…In another briefing on South Asia, Trump’s advisers brought a map of the region from Afghanistan to Bangladesh, according to intelligence officers and congressional officials who were briefed on the meeting.Trump, they said, pointed at the map and said he knew that Nepal was part of India, only to be told that it is an independent nation. When Trump said he was familiar with Bhutan and knew it, too, was part of India, his briefer told him that Bhutan was an independent kingdom.”

However, as we said, it keeps getting better. John Walcott further shared that the mentioned briefing took place before a meeting between President Trump and Indian PM Narendra Modi in 2017.

“Wait, seriously, that’s what he said?”, said CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin when a reporter named John told her about the entire ‘nipple and button’ episode.

People are absolutely amused by the story!

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  • Mr. President, can i ask you what are you doing there, please come back to Home , Great Britan, Ireland and other European Countries and You specially “nach Deutschland”, we need you here, it’s not United States of America, the old Name is “Abya-Yala and Zuania” and belongs to “Red Indians” the Name which they got after Christopher Columbus discovered the Continent and the History after that, not need to explain here.
    “In short, please try to create a atmosphere in which the Human can live with mutual understanding and respect. You actually don’t need to give such a statement/Briefings in the Malice of China, we all need as human beings an educated, Healthy and peaceful Society”

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