VIDEO: Watch Indian and Pakistani Soldiers Dancing Together On Bollywood Songs

After losing our strength and energy to hate and bigotry for over seventy years, there will be no exaggeration if we say that India and Pakistan are finally ready to lay down the arms. Whenever we think of both of these counties’ names coming together, our mind automatically translates it to LOC and war. But, this recent video surfacing the internet tells a story otherwise.

The video of Pakistani and Indian soldiers dancing together on Bollywood songs have taken the internet by storm. With the moves, the people on both sides of the border are pleasantly shocked to see this unconventional picture of the ‘enemy’ forces.

The video was recorded in Russia, where both country’s forces are present currently for SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) joint military exercises. The anti-terror drill, which involves troops from eight SCO member countries, started on August 22 and will end on August 30.

The troops, however, reached Russia on the exercise location on 14th August. As per Indian media reports, the soldiers were attending a function arranged by the Indian army on the second last day of the training exercise. While everyone participated and celebrated, the old rivals were seen sharing a special moment which has brought smiles to the people of both countries.

In the video, the soldiers can be seen enjoying and celebrating by passionately dancing on Punjabi songs – something we all love and agree unarguably with.
Watch the video here:


With this, the Indian Army’s female soldiers also put teeka and gifted pagri to soldiers from all contingents.

It definitely is a refreshing sight. If we can fight and argue on the basis of our differences, why can’t we celebrate on the basis of similarities we have?
We hope the spirit stays alive for a prosperous and peaceful subcontinent.

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