VIDEO: What would be annual death rate in 2020 amid COVID-19 pandemic compared to a normal year?

the regular seasonal flu causes 8,000 deaths a year.

The UK Government Advisors have predicted that 20,000 people will die in the United Kingdom with the coronavirus, even with the social distancing.

According to the Public Health sector of England, the first 360 deaths in the country have shown that 98% of them had underlying health conditions. The majority of the people who died with the virus were elderly, the oldest being 105-year-old.

It is still not confirmed as to how many people have died because of the coronavirus. According to National Statistics data, every year 600,000 people in the UK die, which is 1,644 deaths every day, and most of those would be elderly or in poor health.

Therefore, there is an overlap between the background mortality and those dying during the epidemic.

Research by Imperial College, London

Analysis of the 20,000 predicted deaths from the coronavirus

According to the research, between half and two-thirds of the predicted deaths would probably have died anyway.

The research has shown that there would be 6,667 and 10,000 additional deaths that could be attributed to the coronavirus.

By way of comparison, the regular seasonal flu causes 8,000 deaths a year.

There is no doubt that social distancing will save many lives, but the economic shut down also has a human cost.

The Financial crisis of 2008 resulted in unemployment increasing to 212 million across the world. The resulted poverty and poor health caused an estimated 260,000 additional cancer deaths and 10,000 extra suicides.

Once we are over the peak and cases begin to fall, the government will have to balance lives saved through social distancing with the lives lost by prolonging the economic pain.

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