VIDEO: When Nadia Jamil accused Maryam Nawaz of bullying her

''Your father is my father's servant''

  • Maryam Nawaz used to bully Nadia Jameel when her father was the chief minister of Punjab.
  • There have been no comments made by Maryam Nawaz about the video that went viral a few months ago.

Samina Peerzada

”In bad times even the jackals win over the lions”.

Ever since the #METOO movement has started, every celebrity is coming up with the dark secrets and talking about the tragedies they have been holding back for long.

Nadia Jamil was also one of the celebrities who had a different story to share. In Samina Pizada’s show, she talked about how Maryam Nawaz used to bully her at the time when her father was the chief minister. She mentioned how Maryam would call her father a servant openly in front of people when they were both studying in the Convent of Jesus and Mary in Lahore.

Here is the viral video:

Nadia also shared a video that has been removed from Facebook. Following the question asked by Samina Pirzada, she also said that her grandmother got so much worried after she heard about the constant bitter argument between Maryam Nawaz and Nadia. She feared that this powerful family can destroy them and their reputation in society.

There have been no comments made by Maryam Nawaz about the video and the interview since she is awaiting her hearing at Lahore High Court. But we are all so sad to hear about this as it is degrading to hear about people using power for self-advantages.

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