Video: When Shoaib Akhtar Thought Indians Would Burn Him Alive

Shoaib Akhtar and Sachin Tendulkar Despite the on-filed rivalry Between Pakistan and India, players from both the sides enjoy great relationship. We have seen them involved in friendly chit-chat with each after a cricket game.

Following the Champions Trophy final in 2017, both Shoaib Malik and Virat Kohli were spotted laughing over a joke.

Later on, Malik revealed that the conversation was about an infamous dropped catch.

There are a number of such good moments between the arch-rivals to recall and Shoaib Akhtar during an interview recalled a funny incident involving Sachin Tendulkar.

During the interview with SportsKeeda, Shoaib Akhtar revealed when his prank on Sachin Tendulkar went horribly wrong. The Rawalpindi Express said that he lift Sachin with his hands but he slipped from his grip and fell down.

The ace bowler admitted that he got scared and thought if Tendulkar met an injury he would never get an Indian visa.

“I managed to lift him but then he slipped from my hands. But I thought ‘I am dead’ and feared that if Tendulkar gets unfit or injured, I would never get an Indian Visa. The Indians would never allow me to come back to the country or would burn me alive,” he said.

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Akhtar also admitted that India is the only place where he received lots of love after Pakistan.

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