[VIDEO]: Who is actress Nimra Khan’s favorite politician?

Recently, gorgeous actress Nimra Khan appeared as a celebrity guest on Geo TV show Jashan-e-Cricket. During the show, the starlet talked about her sporting history, acting endeavors, co-stars, and more.

Nimra Khan even talked about politics on the show. On being asked who is her favorite politician by the host Shahzad Iqbal, the actress revealed that her favorite politician is Nawaz Sharif. It should be noted that Nimra Khan had the option to choose her favorite politician amongst the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the former President Asif Ali Zardari, and the current Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Geo TV took to Twitter to share a video clip of the actress talking about her favorite politician. Here is the original tweet:

The actress said:

Nawaz Sharif is my favorite.

To further the discussion, the host of the show pointed towards a dummy of Shahbaz Sharif present on the set and asked her if she chose Nawaz Sharif because of him. Nimra Khan instantly replied:

No! Actually I think Lahore is very beautiful.

The show host went towards the dummy of Shahbaz Sharif and pretended as if the dummy was asking Nimra Khan, who made Lahore so beautiful?

Addressing the dummy of Shahbaz Sharif, the actress said:

You did!

Watch the full TV show featuring celebrity guest Nimra Khan here:

It is pertinent to mention that lthough most celebrities refrain from making political statements during live TV shows, Nimra Khan was pretty straightforward with her stance.

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  • Since this is Geo, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was asked / paid to say that

  • Stupid women cant see Nawaz Sharif run away to London. She cant see pmln has made no hospital where criminal sharif family can treat them selfs. Stupid women cant see only commission base projects done by Pmln.

  • She might be making her way, for someday, clear to run away like her favorite politician.

    • That, s why he is hiding in England for almost two years despite a friendly and corrupt Lahore High Court.

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