VIDEO: Why Is There A Sudden Rise In Incidents Of Violence And Hate Crimes Against Transgender Community?

Transgender rights have come under question and unarguably every element of the society has taken progressive measures to protect them but still every single day we see an incident that brings us back to the initial question – are we really doing enough?

In the past couple of weeks, there hardly has been a single day when an incidence of violence and hate crime didn’t meet our eye. From being harassed by the hospital staff to being brutally beaten on the roads, the recent intensification in the incidents has really pressed for the need for restarting discussions on this and proper addressal.

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Incident that occurred yesterday in Peshawar, where police apprehended a man for carrying chopped pieces of dead body of a transgender individual in a shopping bag, really raised a disturbing question – for how long it has been going on, how long it stayed hidden and for how long they silently gathered up the courage and won the battle over their own self before deciding to speak up?

It also raises questions about our insensitivity as a society. What appears to be a sudden rise in the incidents of violence against them is, in fact, a sudden rise in reporting and recognition of such incidents that have been on-going for years.

With effective social media awareness and campaigns, we need to re-visit and question our standing on the issue as a collective social behaviour as well. Progressing, far-sighted societies believe in supporting, protecting and fighting on behalf of their vulnerable segment. We need to do the same as well.

Till they are ready to stand on their feet and speak for themselves, we need to be their voice and aggressively make their space in the society – what we for long have denied them.

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