[WATCH] Video of wife roasting Indian doctor for taking COVID vaccine alone will give you laughing fits!

Never pick calls when you are live!

Recently, a video went viral on social media, in which the cardiologist and Padma Shri recipient Dr. K. K. Aggarwal’s wife is roasting him. 

Watch the full video here:

The Backstory of the Roast

The Delhi-based senior doctor Dr. K. K. Agarwal was educating a live audience about Covid-19 when his wife called. The doctor told his wife that he just went to check on the COVID vaccine’s availability for the whole family, but the staff urged him to take the shot; hence he accepted the offer.

However, the honesty brought about dire consequences when Dr. K. K.’s wife started yelling at him for administering the vaccine alone. He tried explaining to his wife that she will also be vaccinated soon, but the woman listened to nothing.

Indian doctor teaches people never to pick a call during live session.

The conversation could be heard clearly by the live stream audience. Thousands of people could listen to Dr. K. K.’s wife shout, “Why couldn’t you take me with you?” and “Don’t lie to me!”

Dr. Agarwal tried to end the conversation by saying that he was live on camera, but his furious wife stopped at nothing.

Dr. K. K. Agarwal was roasted by wife.

Now the video is doing rounds on social media, garnering an astounding number of views on Twitter. Until now, the roasting video has received over 21.8K likes and has been retweeted more than 5.8K times.

Later, the Indian media confronted Dr. K. K. about the video, to which the doctor replied with:

I was aware of the viral video, and I am glad to provide people with a moment of fun in the tough times.

He continued to state:

While you may have enjoyed a laugh at my expense, at something which was nothing but my wife’s concern towards my health and safety, I would urge each of you to take the vaccine when you have the chance.

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