VIDEO: Zubair Umar answers all the questions in his first interview post video leak

The politician appeared on Mansoor Ali Khan's YouTube channel to answer all the questions.

Zubair umar has answered all the questions regarding his videoThe Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz – PML N – leader Muhammad Zubair has finally responded to all the questions regarding his video. He appeared on anchorperson Mansoor Ali Khan‘s YouTube channel to answer all the questions. 

Muhammad Zubair termed the video leak as the ‘most upsetting setback’ despite the fact that his ‘family went through a lot of troubles in the past including the premature retirement of his father.’

Here are some important questions and his answers from the interview.

How did he get to know about the video leak?

He said that the day of his video leak, he had an interview on Geo News with Shehzad Iqbal.

“After the interview concluded, my phone kept ringing and I had not no idea what was the matter. My daughter was crying on the phone, I didn’t understand what was she was trying to convey except that there is some video going viral.”

Is Zubair Umar the person in the video?

He replied: “I strongly deny that the person in the video is me and its a fake and forged video. The person in the video and pictures is not me.”

Why didn’t Zubair Umar held hold a press conference the next day?

“I’m under party discipline and I have to follow it. Even if I wasn’t part of the party, considering the background I belong from I have learnt one thing, you should be rational and not emotional while reacting.”

Asad Umer’s reaction to the leaked video:

Replying to the question, Zubair Umar said that it must be very upsetting for Asad Umer.

“I must tell you that this video leak didn’t just happen out of the blue, me and my family have been threatened over the last several years.”

Did Maryam Nawaz contact him following the video leak?

The PML N leader said that Maryam Nawaz kept in touch with him through calls and messages. He also added that other leaders of his party including Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Rana Sanaullah also were in contact with him.

“After the video scandal, Maryam Nawaz used to call and text me every day. There is no greater honor for me than that she said Muhammad Zubair will be my spokesperson.”

His wife’s reaction:

The former governor Sindh said that his wife has been in deep depression. He also said that all of his family has deeply suffered due to the ‘alleged video leak.”

Watch The Video:

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