[VIDEOS] Nadia Khan’s now husband, Faisal Rao, bashed by ex-wife twice!

Here's everything that went down!

The ex-wife of Faisal Rao – who is now Nadia Khan’s husband recently surfaced on the internet. The ex-wife, Luba Farooq, has shocked netizens with her revelations.

In the video, Lubna Farooq made some surprising claims about her ex-husband. She shared how she met Faisal Rao, her closeness with Faisal’s son, and how Faisal proposed to her. Lubna claimed:

  • The proposal story was precisely similar to what was shared by Nadia Khan.
Netizens shocked after hearing ex-wife talk about Faisal Rao.

Lubna went on to reveal:

When I was getting married to Faisal, I received a message from Faisal’s first wife, Shama, and she warned me. But I trusted Faisal and married him.

Lubna further shared how they got separated and shed light on the fact that one month after the divorce, Faisal met Nadia and got engaged.

Following Lubna’s viral video, Nadia Khan took to Instagram to speak about the matter. Sharing a message with her fans, she said:

I believe my husband is kindest of all, and I ask my fans to ignore Lubna.

However, Lubna Farooq didn’t allow netizens the chance to ignore her. The ex-wife has now uploaded another video in which she answered questions to clarify the matter further. She created another video intending to talk about everything in detail and close the topic.

Here is the second video by Lubna Farooq:

In the video, Lubna Farooq also addressed many YouTube influencers and thanked them for taking her side.

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  • Every thing you say is true. Such people are very common and take advantage of vulnerable females. Remember ladies when someone appears faultless and ‘perfect’ , its an act, psychopaths know this and use it against you.

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