Views of international media after BJP moves to repeal the Kashmir’s special status

Indian soldier standing in front of a closed shin Jammu and Kashmir – photo courtesy Dawn.o

Bharatiya Janta Party’s yesterday’s move to revoke the special status of occupied Kashmir invited rounds of reaction from the international media and the general public. Government of India has decided to align the Muslim majority state with the center but the local leaders of Kashmir have called the move deceit.

Pakistan has reaffirmed its stance to fully support the Kashmiris in their just demand of struggle as has been stated by the military’s media wing after today’s Core Commander Conference and the government has reaffirmed its stance to support the Kashmiris in their political struggle.

Coming to the reaction of International media Qatar News agency Aljazeerah has called the abrogation of Article 370 as the darkest day under the report titled: “Darkest day: Uproar as India strips Kashmir of special status.”

The News agency also carried another piece under the title: “There is a reason to fear for the safety of every Kashmiri in India. The news piece also noted that the Indian move to change the said Article was perceived by Kashmiris as illegal.

US publication published a report titled: “India Reokes Kashmir’s Special Status, Raising Fears of Unrest. The author in the above mentioned report quoted the daughter of former chief minister of Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti saying: “We feel there is an atmosphere of death looming over us.”

UAE’s one of the most widely read English publication – Khaleej Times also carried two reports on the current development on the Kashmir.

Saudi Gazette – state lead Saudi publication covered the BJP’s move calling it ‘A dangerous blunder,’ claiming that the violence has been met with even more violence by the Indian security forces – ever since the dissolution of the state assembly in June 2018.

The yesterday’s Presidential order doesn’t stand sufficient to repeal Article 370 because clause 3 of the same Article necessitates the prior approval from the state (J &K) legislature to revoke the Article.

Although Presidential Order legally supersedes the 1954 Presidential Order making 35A (grant of special provisions to permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir null and void) still Indian Supreme Court can revert the yesterday’s decision if intervenes.

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