Viral Hunza Band Now Has Proper Music Instruments Thanks To Shehzad Roy

Shehzad Roy has sent music instruments to the viral Hunza bandLast month, Shehzad Roy shared a video on social media of children in the northern region of Hunza, Pakistan, in which they were playing melodious tune with the help of tin cans and wood. The tune they were playing was from the 1958 Pakistani film Bedari’s song Aao Bacho Sair Karain.

The renowned singer was greatly impressed with the kids’ talent of playing such beautiful tunes just with the help of tin cans and wood. Roy had announced to send musical instruments to this talented band.

Yesterday, Shehzad Roy shared a video on his social media account and said, “mission accomplished. He fulfilled his promise and the kids have got the musical instruments. He also narrated an incident of his childhood in the video.

“When I was young, I had a guitar but it did not have distortion pedal and it was not available in Pakistan which is why I had to import it.”

He added that he hasn’t been able to forget the memory of finally getting the distortion pedal.

“When I saw the children in the video playing on the tin cans, I remembered my childhood and decided to help them,” he said.

The singer added that all the musical instruments have reached these children according to their needs. Shehzad Roy had also requested the viral band of Hunza to play the same tune on new instrument, which they did and also sent him the video.

One of the children, Kashif Nawaz, who has now grown up, thanked Shehzad Roy for encouraging and supporting him.

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