This Viral Story About Girl Being Molested By Her Driver In Public Shows How Vulnerable Kids Are

The viral pictures of a little girl with her driver in the shop at late hours have added to the debate of child sexual abuse that has been going around for a while.
Couple days back, a Facebook user shared pictures of how a girl was being molested by her driver openly in public and raised some important questions.

90% of the sexual abuse victims tell that the abuser was someone they knew. Further, most of these cases happen to people at a younger age, when they are most vulnerable.
It is suggested to start educating your kid about it at an age as early as 4 years, as they can fall prey, particularly at this age.

So the abuser is most likely to be someone we trust around our kids or have a frequent interaction with them. Which in Pakistan particularly are close relatives, maids and drivers.
Especially when you return home from a long workday, it is a common behaviour to ask your drivers to take the kids out to distract them and engage them while other stuff can be taken care of.
This actually makes them prone to being the victim, as we need to realize they are unsure about someone’s intentions and the damage they can do.

The Facebook user shared how this driver was clearly molesting the girl, kissing her inappropriately and convincing her to ask her parents to send her again with him. While noticing that he was being observed, he detached himself from her and whispered something, to which she agreed. He later rewarded her with an ice cream, that shows that kids being immature are easily manipulated and convinced into this shameful activity.

Not everyone’s intentions are the same but at the same time especially with awareness and rise in education level about the subject, neglecting the probability of the damage is nothing less than a sin. Being aware and staying alert is better than being sorry later.

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