Video: Passengers absolutely terrified as turbulence throws flight attendant into aircraft ceiling

An extremely scary video of turbulence hitting a plane from Pristina in Kosovo to Basel in Switzerland goes viral.

An ALK Airlines flight attendant was thrown into the ceiling after severe turbulence rocked the aircraft. (Screenshots from video by Mirjeta Basha)


  • An extremely scary video of turbulence hitting a plane from Pristina in Kosovo to Basel in Switzerland has gone viral.
  • The turbulence sent a flight attendant crashing into the ceiling.
  • The horrifying incident left 10 passengers injured.


Here is the video:

How do you deal with turbulence on the plane? No matter if you have flied for a dozen times, nothing prepares you for the frightening moment. However, we are sorry for scaring you in advance, but the recent viral video looks like every flier absolute nightmare just came true.

Severe turbulence on an ALK Airlines flight en route from Kosovo to Switzerland on Sunday on June 16th caused a flight attendant to be thrown into the plane’s ceiling. The viral video show passengers absolutely horrified and petrified by the incident.

The turbulence took hold around 30 minutes before the plane landed and lasted for around 5 minutes, as the international media sources have reported.

Speaking to the said media sources, one of the passengers commented, “People started screaming and crying. A flight attendant slammed her trolley on the ceiling. Cups flew around, some were scalded by hot water.” Another traveler told how the seats were torn away from their bindings by the force of the movement.

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The viral video showed a flight attendant and a drinks cart picked up and thrown towards the ceiling by the turbulence. The cart then came crashing back to the floor as drinks covered the absolutely petrified passengers. The reports indicate that 10 passengers were injured due to the frighting incident.

Throughout the video, the passengers can be heard screaming in helpless, fear and dismay. The scary 30-second video went viral on social media.

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