Virat Kohli’s daughter gets rape threats after he stood up for Mohammad Shami

The rape threats to Kohli's daughter were issued after he spoke out in support of his teammate, Mohammad Shami.

Social media was left in a state of shock when Virat Kohli’s daughter, Vamika Kohli, was issued rape threats by some Indian fans. It should be noted that Virat Kohli’s daughter is just 9 months old.

The rape threats to Kohli’s daughter were issued after he spoke out in support of his teammate, Mohammad Shami. The Indian skipper had slammed those attacking Shami following his poor performance against Pakistan.

“To me attacking someone over their religion is the most, I would say, pathetic thing that a human being can do. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion and what they feel about certain situations, but I personally have never ever even thought of discriminating [against] anyone over their religion. That is a very sacred and personal thing to every human being and that should be left there,” Virat Kohli had said.

Reacting to the threats to Kohli’s daughter, a social media user wrote, “Kohli and Anushka’s daughter is getting rape threats because Kohli said religious discrimination is wrong.”

Another social media user, Riya Bhaddouriya, said that Indian right wing hates muslims more than they love India. She added that the right wing ‘will be against their own national cricket team if their Captain stood up against their anti-Muslim bigotry’.

Here’s what other social media users have to say

Its not the first time that Indian fans have threatened a cricketer’s family. Last year in October, MS Dhoni’s daughter was issued similar threats by an Indian fans. A 16 year old was nabbed by the Gujarat Police after it was alleged that the minor issued rape threats to Dhoni’s daughter on his wife’s, Sakshi Dhoni, Instagram account.

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