Why was #Wahiyat_Dramay trending on Pakistani twitter?

The Pakistani drama Industry was best known for producing dramas having insights on the social norms and well-articulated scripts. The industry has given viewers masterpieces like Dhoop Kinary, Tanhaiyan, Waris, Ankahi, Dhuwan, Alif Noon, Anghan Terha, and many more.

Even if we look 10-15 years down the road, we still find dramas like Bezuban highlighting taboos of our society. However, the dramatists of the new era have taken away the essence on which our literary figures established Pakistan’s drama industry.

Speaking of the content produced these days, all we see is a typical storyline of Saas-Bahu arguements, Talaaq ya Dusri Shadi, or Jealousy among sisters. That is pretty much what our industry has to offer.

A couple of weeks, ago, teasers for the new drama serial Jalan rolled out, and the story centered upon a jealous girl falling in love with her very own brother-in-law. The drama became the center of criticism. This led to an uproar among the Pakistani audience, and they started questioning the culture that such dramas are promoting in our country.

On the one hand, we have all these dramas, and on the other, we have dramas like Ertugrul with a brawny storyline and constructive message. Why would the audience not be inclined towards this?

Pakistanis have had enough of such dramas, and they are not keeping quiet anymore. #واہیات_ڈرامے (#Wahiyat_Dramay) was trending No.1 on twitter a couple of days back.

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