Waiting For His Messiah, Musharraf Zubair Passed Away

Musharraf Zubair, 13, whose father made a decade-long effort to get his voice heard by media and was promised assistance by CJP and COAS, passed away.

Musharraf suffered from a genetic disorder called ‘Familial Hypercholesterolemia’. Caused by a defect in chromosome 19, it makes the body incapable to remove low-density lipoprotein from blood, causing the LDL or bad cholesterol level to rise abnormally. This dangerously increases the risk of cardiac arrest at a young age.

Coming from a financially compromised background, Musharraf’s father spent years making efforts getting to the mainstream media for help.


Musharraf’s father, Muhammad Zubair, is a teacher struggling to make the wheel of his life roll and thought to reach out to media will prove to be a messiah for them – but no use.

For a few moments of fame, both COAS and CJP promised urgent help after the issue gained attention in mainstream media but nothing was done to help their situation. CJP also said that he will not let them go out of the country like Malala and the machines needed for their treatment will be imported. But who follows up? Who cares?

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After waiting for months and praying for the aid to come, the concerned family started reaching out and requested social media outlets to raise voice and remind honourable CJP & COAS of their promise, however, everything went down the drain.

Waiting for help, the innocent Musharraf lost the battle of his life. Despite taking to media, seeking help from social media and being promised by the most reputable institutions in the country – Musharraf couldn’t be saved. It is hard to decide what was more tragic: his young death or the hopes and the trust that died.

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