Walking barefoot: Umme Rubab and her inspirational fight for justice

Walking barefoot towards justice, Umme Rubab is the lone warrior fighting for justice against Sindh's influential tribal lords.


Pakistan’s choked justice system is disappointing, distressing and demotivating. But only if we have few heroes like Umme Rubab, not only will the justice be served, but the system will be forced to reform itself as well.

Being a lone warrior, Rubab has waged war against the most powerful evils of our society. Her fight is multi-dimensional and her struggle is far-reaching. She is not only fighting for her family and country’s retched ‘egalitarianism’, but she is also confronting the country’s biggest curse – Pakistan’s feudalism. 

Though the journey to justice is full of challenges in Pakistan anyway if your war is against a feudal lord and a politically influential, the hurdles increase manifold. The refusal of local police to pursue charges against an influential landowning family is not something we have not witnessed in the past. Indeed a repetitive sight.

Political office is inherited in Pakistan. The provincial and ‎national assemblies are dominated by feudal landowners.

– Manzur Ejaz, political economist and author.

Times and times again, it has made us realised how the justice system in the country is hijacked by the powerful feudal. By creating dependencies, a self-written book of laws and systematic exploitation, these feudal lords have managed to keep their hold for the longest.

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The landowners use this influence to further his political ambitions by fostering a system dominated by feudal power. Due to this very reason and vested political benefits, rural police officials, local bureaucrats and religious leaders all represent the feudal lord’s interests.


Umme Rubab’s fight for justice:


The feudal system is not confined to the political arena only and exclusively. Land ownership subsequently links feudal lords to Pakistan’s various other patronage networks. Hence the victims are also lying in this wide range of the spectrum.

The complainant, in this case, Umme Rubab, stated that the Sardar Khan Chandio (affiliated with Pakistan’s People’s Party) constantly threatened his brother, Mukhtiar Ahmed Khan, through different people for forming a coalition and leading a resistance against him.

On 17-01-2018, the complainant, his father Karam Ullah Khan, brothers Mukhtiar Ahmed Khan and Qabil Hussain, and cousins Aijaz Ahmed and Manzoor Ahmed were standing outside their home when around 9 am one white Corolla Car and another white Land Cruiser came and arrived. There were six people, five of them got out of the car with weapons and arms.

The person named Burhan Chandio stayed in the car and ordered the five armed assailants named Ali Gohar, Ghulam Murtaza, Sikandar Chandio, Zulfiqar Ali and Ghulam Qadir opened fire on them while saying that whoever revolted against Sardar Khan will meet the same fate.

Following documents related to the case are available for online viewing:

  1. FIR dated 18.01.2018
  2. Charge Sheet dated 24.02.2018
  3. Memo of Transfer Application
  4. Order dated 24.02.2018 of the Anti-Terrorism Court, accepting the recommendation of Investigation Officer
  5. Order dated 24.02.2018 of the Anti-Terrorism Court, confirming the interim Bail of the accused Burhan Chandio and Sardar Khan Chandio
  6. Memo of Criminal Miscellaneous Application No. D-179 of 2018
  7. Memo of Criminal Miscellaneous Application No. D-187 of 2018
  8. Order dated 29.06.2018, of Honourable High Court in Miscellaneous Application No. D-179 of 2018
  9. Order dated 29.06.2018, of Honourable High Court in Miscellaneous Application No. D-187 of 2018
  10. Order dated 29.06.2018, of Honourable High Court in Transfer Application
  11. Memo of Criminal Petition for Leave to Appeal No. 695
  12. Order dated 04.07.2018 of Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan
  13. Order dated 13.09.2018 of Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan

”Will not spare the murderers”

Despite threats, fears and challenges, Rubab is determined to punish the ones involved. In her recent video, she said that the judge belongs to the area where prime culprit Burhan is an elected MPA from. She said she still believes in courts and procedures and continue the fight.

Rubab vowed to not only put the murderers behind the bars but also to take them to the hangman’s halter. Recording her protest by walking to the courts barefoot, becoming a symbol of resilience, she warned the culprits that she will fight till her last breath. With our support for this daughter of the nation, we should stand united beside her through her brave struggle. We all should.

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