Waqar Zaka accused of luring public in dubious cryptocurrency trade by FIA

The case recently came up for hearing before Judicial Magistrate Mukesh Kumar.

The Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) has charged a final charge sheet againt social media activist Waqar Zaka. This was done in a case concerning a cryptocurrency scam.

The case recently came up for hearing before Judicial Magistrate Mukesh Kumar. Advocate Salahuddin Panhwar, on behalf of Waqar, filed power of attorney who is said to have fleed. He also registered an application requesting the court to condone his client’s absence until he comes back from abroad.

Taking the power of attorney and application in account, the magistrate had adjourned the hearing till 19th of January, 2023. He also directed the lawyer to advance his arguments on the mentioned date to condone the delay.

In the previous hearing, the court issued non-baliable warrants for Waqar Zaka. The investigation officer had earlier submitted the charge sheet saying that during the course of investigation, Zaka was included in luring people into dubious online ‘Crypto currency courses’ and using different social media platforms to advise the youth in risk-based business despite the fact that it was prohibited by State Bank of Pakistan.

In addition to this, the accused also charged the individuals who came in contact with him through online platforms. Moreover, he also introduced a dubious coin with the name of ‘Tenup’ to attract people into joining his fictitious business.

The charge sheet further mentioned that Zaka used his salaried accounts for raising funds and suspiscious transactions.

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