Waqar Zaka Accused of ‘Stealing Content’ By Foreign Online Cryptocurrency Group

Did he just get 'exposed'?

The Pakistani  television host and crypto entrepreneur – Waqar Zaka – has been accused of ‘stealing calls and content’ by a foreign online cryptocurrency group, The Walsh Wealth Group (WWG).

The CEO of the WWG – John Walsh – took to his Twitter account and asked the Pakistani self-proclaimed blockchain guru to stop “stealing their calls and content.”

“Scammer alert @ZakaWaqar,” tweeted the official Twitter account of WWG.

So far, Waqar Zaka hasn’t responded to the allegations made by the online cryptocurrency group. A Twitter user Quzal Mehmood claimed that he has been scammed by Zaka.

In the recent months, following the boom in the cryptocurrency market, the TV presenter has made a name for himself. He regularly advises social media users about cryptocurrency and the different ways to earn money.

Waqar Zaka has a private Facebook group with over 30 thousands members. Members of this group are required to pay a monthly subscription of 1500 rupees. Earlier in May, he claimed that he can pay off Pakistan’s debt using cryptocurrency but first PM Imran Khan should step down.

He had also shared a notification from February stating that he has been hired as a crypto expert by the Government of Pakistan.

Following his tweet, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government issued a clarification on its Twitter account.

“Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has not hired anyone as an Expert on Cryptocurrency,” KP Govt said.

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