Waqar Zaka Brutally Grills Sana Bucha In A Twitter War

Waqar Zaka, who has a history of rousing controversies, recently again became the talk of the town when he and Amir Liaquat planned their trip to Burma in solidarity with Rohingya Muslims on ‘Twitter’.

While the trip to Burma was already doubted as a publicity stunt because the duo discussed and finalized it on a social media platform, rather than in a private conversation.

Well, both of them did make it to Burma but reportedly Aamir Liaquat got arrested there during his efforts for the suffering Rohingyas.

The news of his arrest floated on social media without any credible evidence and did meet a doubtful response.

Prominent journalist Sana Bucha on her Twitter account talked about the news, criticizing it and ironically calling both Waqar Zaka and Aamir Liaquat as ‘creeps‘ and ‘freaks’.

Her post met an immense response, however, as expected the denounced personalities reacted in a brutal way.
Infuriated Waqar Zaka went a little personal and attacked Bucha’s plastic surgeries. He said that at least they are making an effort rather than spending all the money on ‘plastic surgeries’.

Not just that, Waqar Zaka also beforehand replied to her ‘potential’ answer, saying that she shouldn’t now come up saying that she makes efforts but doesn’t publicise it.

After his reply, Dr. Aamir Liaquat also responded calling her ‘cheap’ and getting her character.

After witnessing their Twitter friction, people responded actively clearly forming two sides, defending and criticizing Bucha’s statement.


Who’s side are you on? Let us know in the comments below.

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