Waqar Zaka Says Music Is Not Haram In Islam, Initiates A Social Media Debate

Waqar Zaka, the name well heard of for making to the controversial news, has again set the social media on fire. He is known for being extremely vocal about his beliefs. He is seen as a person that has faith in having no bars when stating his opinions.

Well this time, he rather chose a debate on a sensitive matter to gain the attention of the public. Waqar took to Twitter claiming that Music is not haram in Islam. He further went on saying that those who preach that it is, need to support it with a reference.

He supported his statement by quoting an incident from an authentic source.

Needless to say, this ignited an intense social media debate due to two reasons. One is that he is not eligible to make such a big statement because the right of speaking about the interpretation of Islamic teachings and guiding the public about them only resides with the religious scholars.

Secondly, he is a public figure and before stirring a debate on a sensitive matter like this, he needs to carefully consider the potential reaction it can cause.

Many people pointed this out and said that he is only narrating half of the Hadith and there are countless in which Holy Prophet (SAWW) has clearly declared it Haram.

People also said that the Hadith is associated with the use of tambourine, not the other instruments.

People were quite furious with his statement, called him ignorant as he isn’t knowledgeably equipped to state his opinion on this particular matter.


Everyone should have the audacity to speak about their opinion and perspective about any matter. However, making a statement that might trigger someone’s religious sentiments is something we all should avoid as apart from an aggressive response, this can hurt them as well.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments bar below.

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