Ward boy trying to rape a disabled patient caught red-handed through CCTV footage in Karachi

After the incident was confirmed, the victim's husband called the police and the ward boy was arrested.


The CCTV footages available with media showed him locking the room


A ward boy at a private hospital located in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal attempted to rape a disabled woman, media sources reported on Wednesday. The case was brought to the notice by the victim’s husband, who, rather than staying silent about it, chose to take a stand.

His wife was disabled due to multiple sclerosis disease. She could hardly move was shifted to ICU due to her deteriorating health. The medical center at Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi to did not allow the patient to have an attendant, hence, he was told to leave, assuring that the staff will take the best care of her.

The next morning, when the husband came to see his wife, he found her constantly crying. Struggling to speak, she told him the ward boy tried to rape him at night. Rather than shoving the matter under the carpet to save ‘honor’, he got CCTV footage checked, which confirmed the occurrence of the incident.

” I am so proud of such men in our country who don’t keep silent and raised voice for their wives/sisters instead of making it izzat issue like many others”, writes Marium Rizwan from ”Pakistan – Hear Your Voice” on Facebook.

After the incident was confirmed, the victim’s husband called the police and the ward boy was arrested. He confessed to his crime.

The complainant revealed that he only did it to raise awareness not to leave your mothers, wives, sisters in hospitals unattended because beasts ”don’t even spare disabled women”.

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