WARNING: PR professional warns customers against Careem and Uber

  • Zia-ul-Islam Zuberi shared the incident of mobile snatching and harassment of a lady passenger on his Facebook page.
  • The suspected driver was operating in the Uber under a fake identity.
  • The driver is now in police custody and two of his accomplices have also been caught.
  • The driver was operating in both the firms Uber and Cream simultaneously.

Zia-ul-Islam Zuberi shared the incident of mobile snatching and harassment of a lady passenger at the hands of the Uber driver. “We received a complaint before Eid of a person who took the uber ride. The passenger had to use the ATM during the ride in Karachi. The Uber driver then snatched the passenger’s phone and ran away,” he shared.

Zia-ul-Islam Zubari claimed that he traced the driver after receiving the complaint against him. Zia-ul-Islam Zuberi PublicRelation Professional for 30 years with major Multinational Corporations in Pakistan. When approached the owner of the vehicle that was operating under Uber then owner denied the responsibility saying he had already sold his car five months ago, he said.

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Upon further investigations, the driver (who was driving that car) was traced. The driver when caught revealed that he was operating in Uber on a blocked ID after reactivating it. The driver was already on the blacklist of the Uber due to some issue.

Astonishingly the driver was operating in both the firms Uber and Cream simultaneously. When he used to work for Cream, he became offline from the other firm and that’s how he was operating despite being on the blacklist. The suspected driver also revealed that he simply pick up any of the blocked ID and then by forgery reactivate that blocked id to work again. Two more suspects have been caught who were involved in this act of forgery, claimed Zia-ul-Islam.

Photo showing a passenger holding the Uber helmet to take a ride – photo source Twitter.

Zia-ul-Islam further said that it is because of the malafide intentions of the Uber employees that even fake helpline used to respond to the complaints of passengers. The lady whose phone was snatched by Uber driver reportedly filed the complaint against the driver. He further claimed that the boy who was driving under the tag of Uber had a criminal record.

He notified that Uber and other such companies need to verify the records of their employees. The data provided by the employees must be matched to the physical appearance in order to avoid the fake persons using and operating the cars.

caution for passengers

The passengers must go a step further in verifying the driver before taking a ride. Usually, passengers who take an Uber ride just used to take a screenshot of the vehicle number. He suggested canceling the ride if passengers find anything susceptible before taking a ride.

The public must prioritize their safety and be conscious of taking Uber and Cream rides. Another such incident was earlier reported in which the driver hide the mobile phone of the passenger. Harassment complaints by the lady passengers have also been reported during such rides.

The girl (who lost her phone and got harassed by the driver) also gave a verbal attestation to the arguments of Zia-ul-Islam Zuberi. Uber is an American based multi-national ride company that offers the ride to the passengers.

Have you ever became the victim of any such incident at the hands of Uber and Cream drivers? Share your experience



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