[WATCH] The story behind Waseem Badami’s popular pet line ‘masoomana sawal’

Masoomana Sawal has now become a recognition of Waseem Badami.

Over the past few years, Pakistan’s renowned television host and journalist Waseem Badami has made a name for himself as a fearless and scrupulously honest journalist.

Although many feel reluctant to speak about the actual facts and to even question the ones in power, Waseem has always been outspoken in his opinions and criticism.

Waseem Badami is most famously known for his Masoomana Sawalaat.

During the PSL season, Waseem Badami used to host a show Har Lamha Purjosh. He used to ask tricky and fiery questions from different celebrities by referring to those questions as Masoomana Sawalaat.

Masoomana Sawal has now become a recognition of Waseem Badami.

In a recent show, Good Morning Pakistan, Waseem Badami shared how the idea of Masoomana Sawal came, and he said: “Once I was doing a show and I asked a question while referring to it as a Masomana Sawal.

That day, I had Iqbal Bhai, father of Salman Iqbal, sitting there. As soon as the show ended, he came to me and suggested to make it my pet line.”

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  • یہ بادامی بہت بڑا ڈارامے باز شخص ھے  باسط علی کرکٹر کی ذہنیت کی کاپی ھے  اس بادامی کی مثال چونونے والی ھے اب اس کو بھی یہ قوم 30 سالوں تک برداشت کرے گی نہ جانے یہ ٹی وی چینلز کے نام نہاد اینکرز سے اس قوم کی جان کب چھوٹے گی ؟؟؟  یہ ھے آج کا معصومانہ سوال۔؟؟؟

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