Wasim Khan exposes Pakistani journalists in a scathing interview

Wasim Khan

Wasim Khan has opened up about the difficulties he faced during his time as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in an interview with Jarrod Kimber. He confirmed the rumours of certain section of media getting perks and privileges from the previous managements of PCB.

According to Wasim Khan, some journalists expected him to give them daily inside information, which is not how he works. He added that some journalists were enjoying trips to Dubai and various other places on the expense of the cricket board before him.

The former PCB CEO further stated that he and Ehsan Mani looked at that said why are we spending money on this?

“Just to keep them happy so that they write nice stories about you? Many of these people aren’t sports journalists; they’re just journos. When they deal with sensationalism and look to make stories, it’s because they don’t have the journalistic background to write in cricket. Their bread and butter is scandal and sensationalism,” he said.

Khan also talked about the questions he had to answer all time regarding his salary. He said that he had to appear before the Senate committees and standing committees to explain his salary. The 51 year expressed his disappointment over how his salary was leaked and ‘extenuated and built up.’

“I was told I had 5-6 servants at my house, 3 cars, and everything they could possibly do. I was pretty self-sufficient, growing up in England. I didn’t need any cleaners or servants. I had a driver, but I pretty much drove everywhere myself. The picture they wanted to paint was of somebody who was coming to cream the country financially. Having to answer all the time about the perks and privileges that an employer has given you and blaming me for that was tough and time-wasting.”

During the interview with Jarrod Kimber, Wasim Khan revealed how difficult it was to convince everyone internationally about the security situation in Pakistan. He added that they put a five year strategy in place. “There was no direction before that,” he said.

The former PCB CEO also talked about the reforms in women cricket, including the parental support policy. “We brought the whole of the PSL back to Pakistan, and now we’ve secured an ICC event as well. “We also had 2-3 years of profit, and then the pandemic hit, with our costs going through the roof. However, the PCB is still in a healthy place.”

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