[WATCH] 5 WEIRD things Nida Yasir did on her show that makes it worth the ban!

The infinite loop of blunders and apology!

Nida Yasir, the famous host of ARY\’s morning show, has been in trouble more than once. The celebrity started hosting morning shows because she did not have the time to act. Talking about her hosting journey, she said:

It has been a joyous ride, which has helped me learn a lot along the way. I feel like the audience is my \’maika\’ (mother\’s house).

However, in all these years, Nida Yasir stirred serious controversies with her morning show for the sake of TRPs and the desire to stay in business.

Here are six times Nida Yasir\’s show has been the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons:

1. When she was caught red-handed planting fake audience:

Nida Yasir has repeatedly invited \’actors\’ pretending to be victims on her show to \’dramatize\’ the situation. When people called out her planted shows, she explained:

I have previously disclosed that these are actors reenacting the victim\’s situation for the audience.

However, her explanation makes no sense as morning shows are reality shows where the audience comes to watch real people instead of performing actors.

2. When she offended Shabbir Jan with awkward questions:

Nida Yasir invited the famous actor, Shabbir Jan, on her show and said:

I am going to ask some \’serious\’ questions.

However, the morning show host continually kept bashing him with one personal question after the other. Shabbir Jan made it clear that he didn\’t like this, but that didn\’t stop Nida from enquiring. Eventually, the male actor lashed out and walked out of the live show. To cover up the incident, Nida Yasir later announced that the show was staged.

However, Shabbir Jan\’s wife unveiled the reality in Nadia Khan\’s show when she said:

Shabbir lost his temper and walked out on Nida. Now she is merely covering up for the scene she knowingly created.

3. When she flexed her Michael Kors – straight out of her suitcase!

Nida Yasir dedicated an entire show to flaunt her expensive shopping in front of an audience that couldn\’t even dream of buying those things. The famous host talked about all the stuff she bought while she was away on holiday. She shamelessly put forward high-end brands in front of the wrong audience and expected people to love her show.

4. Provoking Ahmed Shah to gain ratings:

Nida Yasir invited the famous kid Ahmed Shah to her show after his video went viral. However, instead of talking to him about his future, she instigated him to misbehave on the live show. She deliberately tried to anger the young kid and then asked the audience to do what Ahmed was doing.

5. Using victims for ratings:

Nida Yasir recently invited a rape victim\’s family on her show, claiming that she helped the family find justice. However, she asked the most insensitive questions. After the internet called out her indecency, she publicly apologized.



The real question is, will the torture of morning shows ever end?

Noor Bukhari, a former morning show host\’s comment makes it clear that things are never going to change:

The fact that there are only two channels airing morning shows states that the viewers are no longer welcoming such shows:

Moreover, Aimen and Minal\’s live session on the morning show highlights how celebrities don\’t even like the show\’s existence:

Then why do these shows continue to take place? Although Nida Yasir is delighted with her morning show journey, the fact that society is continuously pointing out her mistakes shows that morning shows aren\’t desirable anymore. Will the authorities take a step to prohibit such substandard material or wait for morning show hosts to hit a new low?

What are your thoughts on this? Please share with us in the comment section below.

  • Morning shows are the most useless unbearable and time wasting I can’t even remember how many years ago I stopped watching coz I can’t stand their delusional silly talks!!!

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