Watch: Aamir Liaquat apologizes for his insensitive comments about Irrfan Khan

On his show 'Jeevay Pakistan', he joked about the death of the veteran actors.

Aamir Liaquat made headlines again yesterday after making shockingly insensitive remarks about Bollywood stars Irrfan Khan and Sri Devi. On his show ‘Jeevay Pakistan’, he joked about the death of the veteran actors, saying that two people owe their lives to the guest showbiz star Adnan Siddiqui.

Aamir said that because Adnan refused to work with Rani Mukherjee and Bipasha Basu, they are alive, while his two Indian coworkers are no more after he worked with them.

“You worked in Mom and Sri Devi died, you worked with Irrfan Khan as well and he passed away,” Aamir said.

“You were offered roles in Mardaani 2 and Jism 2 but you declined, so the actors of that movie owe their life to you,” he added.

Adnan, and the audience, everyone was left speechless at this utter lack of empathy. Adnan later apologized to the families of Sri Devi and Irrfan Khan.

Liaquat, however, later said sorry, saying that he respects artists and even praised them but it is ‘obvious why that clip is not on social media’.

These artists are respectable and we respect them. In the next part, I even praised them but it is obvious why that clip is not on social media,” Liaquat said.

Aamir Liaquat continued, “I am extremely sorry and the person who apologizes gives them some space and forgive them.”

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  • Amir Lauquat‘s upper chambers is empty from what’s call the Brain ?. He is the most stupid person in Pak media who has no commonsense at all.

  • What I have seen and heard him don’t follow ur nafs and be very careful before u say something that will save u from all controversies

  • Kuch log dunya me atey hen khud se nafrat karwaney! Pakistani media pe dhaba hey yeh banda! Both actors were veteran we love them as we do Addan sidique he is a proud Pakistani!

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