Watch ‘DABBE: THE POSSESSION’ | Turkish horror series that can send chills down your spine!

The fact that the story refers to the Islamic beliefs of Djinns builds its legitimacy

One of the hidden gems of Netflix Pakistan is the horror Turkish film series, Dabbe: The Possession. The bone-chilling flick is slowly gaining popularity among Pakistanis.

The film has more of a documentary style and is highly driven by its storyline. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the film encapsulates Islamic references about djinns and demons.

Despite the film being Turkish, it is so relatable for the Pakistani audience because the stories are very much similar to that we share on a daily basis. Let’s find out what makes Dabbe: The Possession such a good watch.

Djinns and Religious Inspiration

The fact that the story refers to the Islamic beliefs of Djinns builds its legitimacy. To make Dabbe a much more hair-raising experience, the director beautifully added his own spin to the traditions and mythologies attached to Islam.

Black Magic and Familial Animosities

The entire series stick to the same theme: use of black magic. Pakistanis, Indians, and Bangladeshis find it easier to relate to the concept ‘cause isn’t that what all our childhood was all about?

Rationality vs. Faith

What makes the film so special is the integral part of faith inculcated along with the ongoing struggle with rationality. The series explores the struggle between the psychiatric sciences against the phenomenon of ‘possession’.

The audience has claimed Dabbe to be one of the scariest films they have ever seen. This surely is not a coincidence. No other films have ever mixed Islamic concepts of djinns with concepts like black magic and voodoo before.


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