Watch: Did PM Imran Khan Facilitate Maria B’s Husband Bail? PM Answers

When the renowned fashion designer, Maria B, thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Pakistan army for facilitating the bail of her husband she ended up starting a whole new debate on social media.

Clearing the ‘misconceptions’ pertaining to the arrest of her husband, Maria B uploaded a detailed video on the internet. She thanked the PM for intervening, saying that “I didn’t think anyone would understand my pain.”

“Secondly, the army because they are in charge right now. Had the army not stepped in, we wouldn’t have gotten relief from the police,” she added.

The video was later on deleted from her official Facebook page.

This raised lots of questions regarding PM Imran Khan’s claims of having the same law for both poor and the rich in the country. During his recent interaction with media persons, the PM was asked why the person was released despite his negligence.

“I have no idea about this case. Neither do I know anything about it. And neither did anyone contact me,” Prime Minister replied. 

“You are saying the right thing but you need to understand that this [coronavirus] is a new thing. People don’t know much about it. It will take them time to understand the gravity of the situation,” PM further added. 

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  • It’s simple , she. Confessed on video getting help from Imran khan and Army as well . They kept on beating the drum from last many years about do nahI Aik Pakistan but practically ashamed us who voted him . Is this for all he came in power ?? He is doing all that stuff whom we hated past regimes what the difference he showed us between him & past regime ? Other then speeches .

    • I fully agree imran khan quickly understood before even full question was asked that shows his knowing of this matter and helping out criminals and leaving an example of injustice clearly. He is hiding answer by instantly changing statement. Pakistan is simply the most unluckiest unfortunate country to have and had dishonest crook politicians and fake leaders.

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