WATCH: Fawad Khan, Ayeza Khan and Mawish Hayat also endorsed whitening creams in the past

The revival of BLM movement has also initiated discussion on the obsession with white skin.


In the past few weeks, millions of people around the globe have joined the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement to show solidarity with the George Floyd Protestors in the United States. Among others, Pakistanis came forward and condemned the discrimination as well.

But what’s surprising is the fact that we, the Pakistani society, are obsessed with fair skin at many levels. Racism runs deep in the subcontinent’s history. We all know how a majority of women in our society focus on their color upon reaching puberty. Not just women but men also find “White is beautiful” ingrained in their DNA.

From finding a ‘Perfect Rishta’ to a ‘Good Job’, we all have the same criteria.

The same actors, who once endorsed fairness products, are supporting ‘Black Lives Matter’. Which is ironic, yes? People look to celebrities for inspiration but they play an equal part in nourishing the same idea.

Recently, a blogger took to Instagram to call out Pakistani celebrities for endorsing such products:

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Our love for fairness creams🙈 “White is beautiful” is so ingrained in our DNA that it’ll take generations to get it out. Yes we might say #blacklivesmatter but we’d rather be dead than be a shade darker than brown. We also love telling our “friends” ke woh “fresh nahin lag rahay” (I’m guessing that means she appears darker than usual?) leaving the friend feeling perplexed. Even on our television, we’re now seeing more new heroines who’re fair skinned, almost none who’re dusky. Such a pity👎🏾 . These are ads that our celebs have been part of. I was most disappointed with Fawad doing one. 🙁 . . . . Thanku to @pkpopculture on twitter for most of these videos! . #fairnesscreamadvertisements #fairnesscream #celebendorsements #fawadkhanafiablogs #fahadmustafaafiablogs #sajalafiablogs #zaraafiablogs #mehwishhayatafiablogs #neelammuneerafiablogs #syrayousufafiablogs #mawraafiablogs #sabaqamarafiablogs #sanamjungafiablogs #ayezakhanafiablogs #aimankhanafiablogs #aimabaigafiablogs #fairandlovely #fairandhandsome #darkisbeautiful

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  • Whitening issue in Pakistan is not related to racism. Its related to pettiness.
    And stop shaming actors for having endorsed such creams in the past. Everyone and their aunty has used gypsy amazing cream or fair and lovely at some stage.

  • woow, really and who cares lol.

    the  Pakistan nation is full of racist and now all the sudden they changed their ways and jumped on #black lives matter ban wagon lol.


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