Watch: Hareem Shah Says She doesn’t Fear Army in the New Video Message

The famous Tik Toker, Hareem Shah, has yet again stirred controversy in her recently uploaded video on social media.

Hareem Shah came in the spotlight after her video with Fayaz ul Hassan Chohan went viral on the internet. Ever since then, the famous Tik Toker has got involved in a number of controversies.

Now, in a video, Hareem Shah has said that she doesn’t fear army. Apparently, Hareem Shah was chatting with her fans on Facebook Live when a user wrote that army has taken notice of her activities.

Replying to the comment, Hareem said that she doesn’t fear anyone. She added that whoever wants to take notice can proceed with it.

Not so long ago, her video call clip with federal minister for railways, Sheikh Rashid, had sent shock waves across the internet. Talking about the video clip, Hareem Shah said that the federal minister had gotten married to her friend.

Reportedly, Hareem Shah is planning to shift to Canada as she doesn’t feel safe anymore.


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