Watch How Imran Khan Is Helping His Young Fans Take Selfies With Him

From the times of struggle to emerging as one of the dominant political parties of Pakistan, what always fueled PTI’s journey is love and support of the youth.

Imran Khan’s determination and uprighteousness has gained him an immense following among the younger generation. And Khan himself has always tried to return the support he gets with appreciation.

His addresses reflect his gratitude towards youth, and he views increased youth participation as a great achievement.

Youth as well sees Khan as an agent of hope and change. They see him as a man of his words and someone with the potential to improve.

Khan sees youth as a determinant of Pakistan’s future. He is always seen conveying his love to the younger generation.

See how in this video he is helping his young fans take selfies with him. Happiness on his face shows how much he appreciates the love he gets.


Watch the complete video here:


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