WATCH Malala Yousafzai's interview with Twinkle Khanna

Many remember Malala Yousafzai from the 9th of October 2012 incident when a Taliban gunman shot her as she traveled home from school. However, most people remember Malala for her works after surviving the bullet.

Since late 2012, Malala Yousafzai became an advocate for girls\’ education and set on a journey to enhance the status of education in Pakistan and women\’s rights. Malala became the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize, give a speech to the United Nations, and publish her first book, \’I Am Malala\’. The Pakistani activist has now become a symbol of hope, bravery, and optimism.

Recently, Tweak India interviewed Malala Yousafzai. Twinkle Khanna hosted the interview. Posting the interview clip online, the Indian author, producer, and former actress stated:

Tweak turns one today, and to kick off the celebrations, we have the wonderful @malala with us. This was a surreal day. It was meant to be an audio interview that turned into a video. I also managed to jab my eye with a kohl pencil, in a hurry. I should not have bothered with it, because she made me cry and that kohl only ended up as a smear. Here we are, talking about using your voice, your platform, to make a difference.

Twinkle started off the interview by asking how Malala handles being a famous student, to which Malala answered:

Becoming well known at a very young age was challenging. I did not have anyone to guide me, and I had to learn everything myself. The fame and support I got was different. It was like, Malala; you are an inspiration for us. So, for me, it was like thank you so much for supporting me. I never treat it as celebrity fame, but I was a bit overwhelmed with how it would play in college. However, things were find in Oxford as I am sure they must have seen celebrity students before as well.

Moving on, Malala described her idea of fun and said:

To me, fun means spending time with friends, whether that means going out to a restaurant, having lunch together, or going to a movie. There are many societies in Oxford, so I sometimes go to the cricket club and play for my college.

Reflecting on her struggles in the past, Malala shared:

\’\’It was announced on the FM radio by the Taliban spokesperson that from the 15th of January 2009, no girl can go out and go to school. I was 11, and schools were shut down for girls because people did not believe in women\’s rights. As a woman, not getting an education means becoming more vulnerable to early marriages\’\’.

\’\’The uneducated woman is more vulnerable to become a victim of domestic violence and more evils. A life that way was the worst thing. That\’s why I started speaking for my rights and the rights of the girls in Swat Valley\’\’.

Watch the full interview video here:

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  • wife of a terrorist akshay why not take interview of thousands of malala your country india made in kashmir

  • and what exactly did Malala do so far for girl’s education in swat, Pakistan or any where else?…..Nothing.

    • Have u done anything? Or u r waiting for malala to do everything. It’s not her responsibility only.

  • Mashallah….. Malala is the face Pakistan needs and not those Diesels’s students or Khadim Rizvi’s abusing crowds.
    Great Interview and nicely pt together by Malala. Thanks to Twinkle as well… 🙂

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