[WATCH] Michael Jackson’s nephew is in Pakistan and he is blown away by the hospitality!

He is visiting the country with his China-Pakistan Investment Corporation.

Nephew of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Jaafar Jackson is currently visiting Pakistan and he is absolutely blown away by the hospitality! Jaafar, who himself is a rising singer, song-writer and entertainer, holds an uncanny resemblance with his uncle.

Jaafar is currently working on his first visit to Pakistan. He is visiting the country with his China-Pakistan Investment Corporation and Zeeshan Shah, the corporation’s founding member.

Prior to starting his visit, Jaafar wrote on his Instagram that he is really looking forward to experiencing the life in Pakistani cities and interact with students enrolled in the universities he is visiting.

In a recent interview, Jaafar shared his experience of visiting Pakistani universities. He said that the students were passionate and greeted him with hospitality and love. He added that he feels ‘incredible’ visiting Pakistan.

“Everyone in the country has been so kind, welcoming and sweet. So, it means a lot to me and I look forward to coming back here, doing a show and interacting with more people. I have enjoyed every second of my trip,” Jaafar added.

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