WATCH | Minister Climate Change Zartaj Gul Says Good Weather Is Due To ‘Naik’ Government

Climate change has been Pakistan’s concern for a while now, however, despite country seeing long dry spells or extreme heat waves claiming many lives, no significant awareness campaign or plantation drive was recorded by past governments. The PTI-led incumbent government spoke about it being on the priority list from the moment they assumed office.

After huge success of Billion Tree Tsunami campaign in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Imran Khan announced to launch a similar campaign all across the country to fight climate change, spread awareness and also to tackle the rising threats imposed by weather extremity. The move was lauded across the country regardless of political affiliations and people vowed to join hands against the evil of climate change, to save their own selves as well as the other living beings sharing the air with us.

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A reporter asked Minister Zartaj Gul Wazir about the recent spell of rain, but her absurd response to it caused waves across social media. According to her head-scratching and vile explanation, the rains country is receiving is due to the new government’s pure character.

She also went on quoting a hadith which she once read that when ‘pious rulers’ come into power, a country is blessed with rainfall. However, anyone who lives in the tropics knows well that chilly winds and rains are quite common.

The immature response from the minister of climate change (the irony) made the twitter community laugh, which said that she needs to do better.

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